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At DL Fitness, you receive exceptional value for your money! Our gym offers flexible membership options, a plethora of machines and free weights, and round-the-clock access. But that’s just the beginning. What sets us apart is the added value that enhances your gym experience. Imagine forging new friendships, dedicating more time to yourself, engaging with our approachable staff, and enjoying a workout environment free from judgement. It’s all part of the DL Fitness experience, making us a top choice for powerlifters and fitness enthusiasts in the UK.

What’s the Gym floor like?

DL Fitness is a premier, independent fitness haven. Spanning over 3,500 square feet, our facility is crafted by seasoned professionals to meet our exacting standards. We provide a welcoming environment catering to a diverse range of fitness interests, including fitness and cardio zones, functional movement areas, bodybuilding, aesthetics, powerlifting, and Olympic lifting. Our facility is complemented by a team of approachable personal trainers and specialist coaches, ensuring an all-encompassing fitness experience.

Below is a few bits of equipment we have available.

  • Competition Powerlifting Benches
  • MonoLifts
  • Power Racks
  • Multiple Flat Benches
  • Free Weights
  • Cardio Machines
  • Posing Room

Opening Hours

At DL Fitness, we understand that your schedule is as unique as your fitness journey. That’s why we’re thrilled to offer 24-hour gym access to our members, ensuring that you can work out on your terms, whenever inspiration strikes.

Embrace the Freedom of Flexibility: No more racing against the clock or rearranging your day to fit in a workout. Our doors are open day and night, so whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, your fitness routine is always in sync with your lifestyle.

Tranquil or Energetic Atmosphere: Experience the serene calm of a late-night session or the vibrant energy of peak hours. Our 24-hour accessibility allows you to choose the gym atmosphere that best suits your mood and motivation.

Join DL Fitness today and discover the convenience, flexibility, and freedom of 24-hour gym access. Your fitness journey, on your schedule – that’s our promise to you!

  • Open 24 Hours for Members
  • 08:00-2100 Mon- Fri for non-Members
  • 08:00 – 16:00 Saturday
  • 09:00 – 15:00 Sunday



World Champion Power Lifter & Managing Director

Meet Dayle

Oct 2023
1st - Worlds

Mar 2019
3rd - ProRaw

May 2017
1st - Bodypower

Oct 2016
1st - British Finals

Jan 2016
1st - Irish Pro Invitational

Sept 2015
1st Place - World Championship

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DL's Personal Trainers

Dayle Longford

Gym Owner - PT

Danny Jones

Personal Trainer

Sean Pritchard

Personal Trainer

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